Adam and Eve Sin

I didn’t take the time to write out a lesson plan for Sunday’s lesson. That explains why I was a little distracted during class. It helps so much to just write down a list of activities I want to complete. If I then put them in order that I think they’ll work best, that’s even better. If I flesh it out with some explanation, then I feel very prepared for class. From now on, I need to do a lesson plan.

One reason a lesson plan works so well with this class is because I haven’t taught this age in 2 years. I’ve been teaching the more advanced age. It’s proving to be a little difficult for me to bring the lesson down to their level. A plan will sure make it easier. Since I didn’t have a written plan Sunday, I will write a post-lesson plan.

Lesson Plan:

Prayer — For some reason I find it difficult to remember to say a prayer during class. I think one reason is that I’ve prayed for the class before it starts. With this age, I need to remember that I have an opportunity to teach the kids to pray. We didn’t say a prayer Sunday but we will from now on.

Days of Creation Activity: One of the activities that was in our files was a matching game. The kids each get a set of numbers (1-6) and lay them out in order in front of them. I held up pictures of things God created and they held up the number of the day that thing was created on.  This activity is challenging for this age but we did it anyway.  I think it would be easier for them if it worked the other way around — they have the pictures and I have the numbers.

Bible Reading: Genesis 3 — We read the chapter and discussed the story as we went along. This age is not used to being read large sections of scripture. Some of them are a little fidgity and don’t seem to want to settle down and pay attention. We’ll work on it a little each week.

Activity:  After reading the scripture and discussing it we did an activity that requires the children to determine if the statement on the card describes Adam and Eve’s life before they sinned or after.  Things like: Adam and Eve were naked, Adam and Eve wore clothes, etc.  This activity was done on the white/magnet board.  A card with “before” written on it and one with “after” written on it were stuck on the board.  The statements then were to be put in the correct column.

Project Folder: The kids finished their creation Q/A book last week so we didn’t pull this one out again. We will use it as review later on.

Memory Work: We continued working memorizing Gen 9:12-16.  This may have been a little long for most of these kids.  Mine has the advantage that we’re also working on it at home as part of school.  I think I’ll be happy if they can memorize verses 12 and 13.

Singing: We sang God Gave Me…


2 responses to “Adam and Eve Sin

  1. I’m looking for class assignment ideas for memory work. As time continues it is becoming increasingly difficult to not only get the children but also the parents to do a memory work. Can you help me with this effort?

    Also, I would like to know how to find the link to the “Mark You Bible” leaflet.

    Thanks for all the hard work and sharing that you do.


  2. Hi Joan. Sorry for the delay in responding. It’s VBS week here and I’ve been swamped with things to do — mainly because of my procrastination.

    Here’s the link to Marking Your Bible:
    Here’s a link to some information about memory work:

    I hope they help.


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