It is Saturday night and I am writing out my lesson plan.  Much improvement over last week. We’ve been memorizing Genesis 9:12-16 since the beginning of January.  I haven’t talked to them much about what it’s about.  I was saving that for this week.  I have been reading the story straight from the Bible in previous lessons.  I don’t think that’s going to work with this lesson.  It is 4 chapters long.  Their attention span is pretty short so I don’t think I can hold them that long.  I’ll let them tell me the story.  I’m sure they all know it well.

Lesson Plan:

Prayer — We will start the lesson with a prayer.  I am trying to teach them to include 4 things in their prayers — salutation, praise, thanksgiving and to ask for something.

Activity:  Review last week’s lesson with the same activity we used — Deciding if a statement describes the way Adam and Eve lived before they sinned or after they sinned.

Bible Lesson: Discuss where the lesson is found and then narrate the story to the children allowing them to fill in if they would like.

Memory Work: We continued working memorizing Gen 9:12-16. Take time to discuss how this fits into the lesson of Noah.

Singing: The Rainbow


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