Worship in Spirit and Truth — The Lord’s Supper

Tomorrow we start our Vacation Bible School.  I really enjoy doing these every year.  They can be stressful — especially the week just before — but the kids enjoy it and learn a lot.  We try to have our Vacation Bible Schools on subjects that might not get enough attention in our regular Bible classes.  We have always written our own material.  Our teachers are great to just jump in there and do the best with what they have.  Of course, with the internet and computers, finding material and visual aids is a lot easier than it used to be.

This year our theme is Worship.  Our schedule for the week is:

  •  Monday — The Lord’s Supper
  • Tuesday — Giving
  • Wednesday — Singing
  • Thursday — Prayer
  • Friday — Preaching/Teaching

My helper, Sherry, and myself have pretty much worked up material for the whole week but I can never seem to really concentrate on the details of Thursday and Friday’s lessons this early.  I think it’s just too much for my brain to handle at one time.  We have a direction we want to go but there are a few things that still need to be done.  But, I think we’re ready for tomorrow and that’s what counts.

I’ll be teaching the 5-7 year olds.  I believe I’ll have 10 in attendance but you never know for sure until the first day.  I hope to have pictures of the room and activities as well as links to files of some of the activities available later this week.  For now, I need to write a lesson plan.

Our VBS lasts 1 1/2 hours.  Part of this time will spent in the auditorium with everyone else, part of it will be spent in the art/activity room.  The rest is up to Sherry and I.  I estimate that we’ll have about an hour.  The lesson plan that follows is just a guide — mostly so I won’t forget something we intended to do.  There will probably be a break when the kids get restless to walk around the building, get a drink and go to the restroom.  We’ll also be singing whenever it seems appropriate.

Lesson Plan:

 Introductions/Name Tags — we are having several visitors from the community this year.  I think name tags will make things a lot easier for the teachers.

Introduction to our Theme — The first few minutes of class each day, we’ll discuss worship in general.  Today we’ll talk about what worship means.  Throughout the week we will talk about who the object of our worship is, where we should/could worship, what our attitude should be towards worship and why it is important to worship God.  Some of the days these topics may overlap but this is our general plan.

Sing: We Worship God 

Week In Preview:  Each day I want to go over the 5 things we’ll be talking about each day.  During this time I will briefly show them visuals to help them understand.  For instance: Lord’s Supper — communion trays, Giving — contribution plate, Singing — songbook, Prayer — Bow head/hold hands as if praying, Teaching/Preaching — Bible.

Art/Activity room: Each year one of our ladies here takes on the job of coming up with relevant artwork.

Life of Christ:  Each child will have a little booklet with the story of Jesus in it.  I have the same pictures and text in a flip chart format.

Jesus Story Wheel:  The children will put the pictures in order and then glue them to the story wheel.  After help putting them brad in, let them tell the story.  These story wheels will then be glued in the lesson book.  The story wheel emphasizes the death/burial/resurrection of Christ.

Lesson Book:  This is a booklet with an activity for each day, memory verse to trace and a pocket to store the little booklets.  Glue Story Wheel in it’s place.

Memory Verse:  Read entire verse (found on front of lesson book).  Trace portion of verse for the day.

Read Matthew 26:26-30

Lord’s Supper Flip Chart:  A simple flip chart discussing the basics of the Lord’s Supper

Color/Activity Book:  This book has a color page and worksheet type activity for each day.  Today’s activity is a dot-to-dot of a cup containing fruit of the vine.  The color picture is a cross with bread/drink for communion in front of it.  The time they spend working on this will allow us more time to discuss the Lord’s Supper.

Read Bethany Learns About The Lord’s Supper.  This is a rather lengthy book for 10 kids to sit and listen to together.  It may work out better to take half the kids to another room to read to them while the rest do their color and activity sheet, then switch.  We’ll see how it goes.



2 responses to “Worship in Spirit and Truth — The Lord’s Supper

  1. I like your theme and plans a lot. I like how you work this out in stations. It is great you come up with your own theme and materials.

    Our VBS will be next week! I’ll also write about it!

    Good luck, and I hope to hear more!

  2. Thanks Silvia. What is your theme? Did I see where you worship at Cy-Fair?

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