Worship in Spirit & Truth — Giving

Day one is done and it was a lot of fun.  We had 8 kids in class.  They are all so sweet and behaved very well.   I believe they left class having a good understanding of what the Lord’s Supper is and what it we’re to remember when we partake of it.

Tomorrow’s lesson is on Giving.  We’ll be using 2 Bible stories to help teach this subject — The Widow’s Mite and Ananias and Sapphira.

We will talk a about who it is we are to worship.  This will give us the opportunity to talk about some of the wonderful things God has given us and done for us.

Lesson Plan:

 Introduction to our Theme — Discuss who it is we are to worship.

Sing: We Worship God 

Week In Preview:  Each day I want to go over the 5 things we’ll be talking about each day.  During this time I will briefly show them visuals to help them understand.  For instance: Lord’s Supper — communion trays, Giving — contribution plate, Singing — songbook, Prayer — Bow head/hold hands as if praying, Teaching/Preaching — Bible.

Art/Activity room: Each year one of our ladies here takes on the job of coming up with relevant artwork.

Widow’s Mite:  Read flip chart.  Pass out pictures for the kids to place in order and glue into their lesson book.

Giving Cup:  I know that’s a strange name for this activity but I can’t think of anything to call it.  The kids will learn to make a paper cup out of plain paper.  They will get to put some fake money in the cup.  The cup will be glued into their lesson book.  Click here for instructions

 Memory Verse:  Read entire verse (found on front of lesson book).  Trace portion of verse for the day.

 Ananias and Sapphira Flip Chart:  The students will have a booklet with the same pictures and story as my flip chart.   After reading and discussing the story the students can put their booklet in the pocket in their book.

Color/Activity Book:  We didn’t get to this yesterday.  I hope we can get to it today.

Read Bethany Learns About Giving.   We took the kids on a walk around the building yesterday so we could get to a classroom that was not being used.  We used this room as our story time room.  It seemed to work well.  It gave all of us a chance to get outside for a little bit and the change of scenery was refreshing.



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