Worship in Spirit & Truth — Singing

Today’s lesson will be on singing.  This should be a fun lesson because we’ll get to sing quite a bit.  I don’t have a Bethany book for singing.  As far as I know there is not one.  These books have been perfect for this series of lessons and this age group but since there isn’t one for singing we’ll have a little extra time.  One of the older classes always puts on a skit during the week.  They usually just do it for themselves — not a big production — just something to help the kids remember the lesson better with.  The teachers asked if I would like my class to come in an watch them do the one they worked on yesterday.  It was on Ananias and Sapphira.  Since we don’t have the Bethany book, we’ll use that time watching their skit and getting some review from yesterday’s lesson.

Lesson Plan:

Introduction to our Theme — Discuss who it is we are to worship. Sing: We Worship God Week In Preview: Each day I want to go over the 5 things we’ll be talking about each day. During this time I will briefly show them visuals to help them understand. For instance: Lord’s Supper — communion trays, Giving — contribution plate, Singing — songbook, Prayer — picture of praying hands, Teaching/Preaching — Bible.

Sing: We Worship God 

Art/Activity room: Each year one of our ladies here takes on the job of coming up with relevant artwork.

Songbook:  We have a small songbook with 3 children’s song in it that we’ll sing from as we talk about singing.  This booklet will then be glued into their lesson book.

Memory Verse: Read entire verse (found on front of lesson book). Trace portion of verse for the day.  Since the memory verse is getting longer it is getting more challenging but they are hanging in there and doing a great job.

Paul and Silas Flip Chart: The students will have a booklet with the same pictures and story as my flip chart. After reading and discussing the story the students can put their booklet in the pocket in their lesson book. The pictures were taken from Sermon4Kids.com.  I wrote text to go along with the pictures.

Color/Activity Book: We finally had time for this yesterday.  The kids really enjoyed working in the books.  They were able to choose which activity (coloring or worksheet type activity or both) that they wanted to do.  I think they really liked being able to choose.  The older ones did the worksheet first and the younger ones just wanted to color.  I’m not usually a big fan of coloring in class but these color sheets seemed to be productive and gave the children a chance to work independently and quietly for a few minutes.

Watch skit on Ananias and Sapphira



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