Worship in Spirit & Truth — Prayer

Today’s lesson is on prayer.  It will go pretty much the same as the previous days.  I find that in a VBS setting — where there are new kids that may not ever come into our building again or kids that only come during VBS each year — it is reassuring for them to keep a simple plan and stick to it everyday.  I don’t mean to be mundane and routine but predictable.  We’ve fallen into a nice flow with our class.  The kids all know pretty much what’s going to happen next, they are comfortable so they can spend their energy learning new things.

Lesson Plan:

Introduction to our Theme — Discuss who it is we are to worship. Sing: We Worship God Week In Preview: Each day I want to go over the 5 things we’ll be talking about each day. During this time I will briefly show them visuals to help them understand. For instance: Lord’s Supper — communion trays, Giving — contribution plate, Singing — songbook, Prayer — picture of praying hands, Teaching/Preaching — Bible.

Sing: We Worship God 

Art/Activity room: Each year one of our ladies here takes on the job of coming up with relevant artwork.

Memory Verse: Read entire verse (found on front of lesson book). Trace portion of verse for the day. Since the memory verse is getting longer it is getting more challenging but they are hanging in there and doing a great job.

Jesus Teaches How To Pray Flip Chart:  Each day so far the children have a had a miniature version of the flip chart in book form to look through as I tell the story from the flip chart.  Today we’re going to change it up just a little.  I have the large flip chart pictures and they the same picture, just smaller.  They are not bound together into a booklet yet.  After I go through the flip chart, the kids will put their pictures in order and then we’ll staple them together.  Just a little different activity that gets them more involved in the story itself.

Praying Hands:  They will have a small booklet shaped like praying hands to glue into their lesson book today.  Before they glue it down they will get to put pictures of things we need to pray for on the hands.  I have some large pictures to show them of the president, family, a teacher, a sick person and children (representing themselves) as well as the words Praise God in fancy letters.  I hope these pictures will get some discussion going about what we are to pray for.  Here is a link to a nice way to remember who/what to pray for.

Bethany Learns About Prayer:  We’ll take our walk around the building to the classroom we’re using as story time so we can read the Bethany book on prayer.

Color/Activity Book:  Give them a few minutes to do the prayer color sheet and activity sheet

Sing and Pray


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