Worship In Spirit & Truth — Lesson Book

The lesson books were added to throughout the week. The words on the top right hand side are their memory verse (John 4:23) were done with a dashed font so the students could trace them. Each day they traced a little bit of the memory verse and on the last day got a picture to put on each part of the memory verse they memorized. If they memorized it all (and they all did with a little help) they would get a full picture.


2 responses to “Worship In Spirit & Truth — Lesson Book

  1. Hi Diana,
    I am wanting to make a booklet like this for my students for VBS. We are doing 4 lessons. I hope I can figure out how to make them!
    I love reading your blog, and I always get good ideas.


    • Thanks Roan. I’m sure you can figure it out. The pages were all printed on card stock and glued back to back. This made them a little stronger. It also made it easier to copy. I don’t like copying both sides. I always get confused. I usually start making the books by making a mock book out of regular copy paper. I just pencil in what I want on each page.

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