Worship In Spirit & Truth — Preach/Teach/Study God’s Word

Today is our last day. It’s been a good week. We’ve had smaller numbers than we’ve had in the past but that just gives more one on one time with those that came. Most of the children in attendance do not worship with us regularly or anywhere at all for that matter. They are friends, grandkids, nieces/nephews of our members. I hope, that for those in my class, I’ve given them something to think about as they grow and mature and that when they think of worship and God and the Bible that they’ll think about what we talked about.

Lesson Plan:

Introduction to our Theme — Discuss who it is we are to worship. Sing: We Worship God Week In Preview: Each day I want to go over the 5 things we’ll be talking about each day. During this time I will briefly show them visuals to help them understand. For instance: Lord’s Supper — communion trays, Giving — contribution plate, Singing — songbook, Prayer — picture of praying hands, Teaching/Preaching — Bible.

Sing: We Worship God

Art/Activity room: Each year one of our ladies here takes on the job of coming up with relevant artwork. This has been a great addition to our VBS again this year. The activities planned so far have been relevant to the lessons, simple enough for my little kids to do and each project has been completed in one setting. I think she is going to tie it all together this morning with a small bulletin board for the kids to take home with them that has all their little projects tacked to it so they can remember the lessons of the week.

Memory Verse: This is the day we’ll see how many of the kids have memorized the entire verse. If so (and probably even if they can’t — I’m a softy), they’ll get stickers for each section that when put in their lesson book in the proper place will reveal a picture of a Bible.

Timothy Learns About God Flip Chart: Again, the kids have a miniature book and I have identical pictures in a flip chart. This book introduces Timothy and how he learned about God — his mother, grandmother, Paul and letters Paul wrote. The last few pages talk about how important it is for us to read our Bible. We can read the very letters Paul wrote to Timothy and so much more.

Child Action Figure: Okay, this is a little bit of a stretch. It’s a paper doll boy with brads attaching the arms and legs to the body. He is our activity because we’re going to talk about the things we can all do to teach others about God.

Sing: God Gave Me…

Bethany Learns About Teaching The Gospel: We’ll take our walk around the building to the classroom we’re using as story time so we can read the Bethany book on prayer.

Color/Activity Book:
I don’t think we’ll have time for this today so they can take it home and finish it there.

Get Read To Go: After gluing last attendance chart piece to chart, glue the chart to the back of the lesson book. Help children put both the lesson book and the color/activity book in their bags. Pass out Happy Day Book about Jesus to put in their bags. Pass out certificates of attendance. Help them put the songbook we’ve been using in the auditorium in their bags when we’re through out there.
Sing and Pray


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