A Lesson On Being Prepared

This is a lesson for me.  Last Sunday AM, I was not prepared to teach my Bible class.  I could go on and on about the reasons (excuses) but the reasons aren’t really important.  What is important is to be reminded (and believe  me, I was reminded) how important it is to be prepared when teaching a Bible class.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m now teaching the baby class.  I teach the same subject for 1 month.  Since last was the first Sunday in August, it was time to change lessons.  I had all the materials I needed because they have been stored in boxes from times that this lesson was previously taught.  What I hadn’t done was re-familiarized myself with the material.  I hadn’t become comfortable enough with it to go in and teach with the enthusiasm and confidence I needed.

Tonight, I get another chance.  Am I prepared — yes!  At least much better prepared than I was Sunday.   So, bring on the sweet little kids and lets have a good class.


One response to “A Lesson On Being Prepared

  1. yourfamilymoments

    Diana, I have been in your shoes at times. Nothing worse at not being fully prepared… but I do what you do, I prepare, and then I have a nice class with the children.
    Many times we believe preparing it’s not necessary for the little ones, that we know what we are doing, but the key to a good class and spiritual growth is a parent or a teacher that takes preparation and study seriously.


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