Memory Work For Home Study — I Am

Monday begins our 20th year of home schooling.  I have a 15 year old, a 10 year old and an 8 year old still at home.  This year I wanted to work on some Bible memory work with the two younger boys.  I decided we would memorize passages from the gospel of John where Jesus states that “I am…”  The method I’m using is similar to what I have used in Bible class but at home we get the added bonus of working a little everyday.  Each day we will read the entire passage together and then they will:

  • Read the entire passage on Monday
  • Copy a portion of the passage on Tuesday.
  • Illustrate that part on Wednesday.
  • Either write the portion for the week by memory or copy it again on Thursday
  • Recite what we’ve learned so far on Friday.

There are boxes to either put a check mark or a sticker when a task is completed.  Each page is intended to last one week.  The title page will go  in the front pocket of a 3 ring binder until that entire passage is memorized.  Then it will go in the binder in front of the pages used to memorize that passage.  The final page is a special challenge.  The boys will be encouraged to write the entire passage by memory.

So far I have completed the 1st three “I am…” passages that we’ll be doing.  Click on the links below to print out a pdf so your child can work on it as well.

I Am The Light — 2 weeks

I Am The Resurrection — 4 weeks

I Am The Way, The Truth, The Life — 6 weeks

Since these will take about 12 weeks to complete, I have a little while to work on the others.  I plan on doing:

  • I Am The Good Shepherd
  • I Am The Door
  • I Am The Vine
  • I Am The Bread

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