Giant Magnetic Puzzle

I admit it. I’m hooked — on Pinterest, that is. One of the first things I found on Pinterest was using oil drip pans, hung on the wall as a magnetic board for use with your pre-schooler at home. I don’t have pre-schoolers around here anymore but I was immediately attracted to this idea for the Bible class.  I knew this would be perfect for my elementary aged Bible class.

Giant Magnetic Puzzle

This quarter, we are studying the first three kings of Israel — Saul, David and Solomon.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to take the plunge and buy me some oil drip pans.  I created a giant puzzle of each king.  The puzzle pieces have statements about that king on the back.  The students choose a puzzle piece, read the statement, decide which king it’s talking about and put it where it belongs.  There are 3 parts to this activity.

Oil Drip Pans:  I bought 3 of these oil drip pans at a local automotive store for about $10 each.  I hung the pans on the wall with the 3M Command strips that don’t damage the wall.

Puzzle Pieces:   I scanned a picture of each of the kings into my computer and printed them 16″X20″ on card stock.  This size printed out evenly on 4 sheets of card stock which allowed me to cut 4″X5″ puzzle pieces.   I put magnets on the back of these cards (business card sized magnets cut into 4 pieces). Also, I glued a statement about the king the puzzle piece belongs to.  For example:  I was a Benjamite.  My son and David were best friends.

The Grid:  I trimmed the poster to 18″X22″.  I drew a grid on the poster board with 16 square, 4″X5″.   I covered 4 magnetic business cards with colored paper (just for decoraton) and used these magnetic cards to hold the grid in place on the pan.

These pans can be used for all kinds of activities. These will be on this wall for the entire quarter. I’m already thinking of ways to use them next quarter.


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  1. I’m SO glad I found this website! I found your old one and was very disappointed that the links were not working. I am teaching the preschool class right now and you have given me SO many ideas! Thank you!

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