I have taught the Beatitudes to my Bible class but the method below was actually used with my children at home. It is very similar to the notebook method used with the poetry memory work. The difference is there is something to do each day of the week (Tuesday-Friday). There are boxes at the bottom of each week’s page that the child can either color in or place a sticker on when he complete that activity. On Friday, the older kids are expected to either type or write by memory the entire passage they have learned so far. The younger kids are asked to write by memory the portion they learned that week then draw a picture that will help them remember what they learned. Both of these activities can be adjusted to suit your needs or the ability of your student. The older kids memorize the Beatitudes through verse 12 while the younger kids just memorize through verse 10. There is also an activity that can be used throughout the time this passage is being memorized. Click on the links below for the pdf files.

Beatitudes For Younger Kids

Beatitudes For Older kids

Beatitudes Activity


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