Miscellaneous Activities

I couldn’t think of any better way to organize these activities other than calling them miscellaneous.  We studied the miracles of Jesus found in the book John for one of our Vacation Bible Schools.  The theme was “That You May Believe” based on John 20:31.   I wanted to give the kids an idea of what the miracles were to help them believe.  The passage says that they were written so we would believe that Jesus is the Son of God.  These activities all reinforce the idea that Jesus died, was buried, was resurrected and is now living in Heaven.  The first activity is a set of cards with the various pictures attached with a ring.  The second activity is a story wheel.  The third is a set of pictures that have velcro attached to the back and can be attached/removed to a glove by the child.  The best kind of glove to use for this is one found in the bath section of your local mega mart.  They are intended to be used for exfoliating.  They really grab hold of the velcro and stretch to fit almost any hand.

“I Believe” Cards On A Ring

“I Believe” Story Wheel

“I Believe” Glove

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dreams


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