Plan of Salvation Pop-up Book

This pop-up book was created for use in our Vacation Bible School.  We studied a different part of the plan of salvation each day.  There is a pop-up page for each day.  If you haven’t read the information on how to put a pop-up book together, check it out here: Pop-up Books.

Here are some suggestions and pictures:

COVER: The front cover has a large blank space. During class, trace the child’s hand in that space. The hand is what we used to help memorize the 5 steps to salvation. The child can then color the hand or you can help him write or draw pictures of the 5 steps. You could also leave it just an outline of his hand.

HEAR: The pictures of the books used for the Hear page were scanned into my computer and resized to fit the pockets they go in. I didn’t save that file. It would probably be better for you to scan in books that your students are familiar with anyway. The “Bible” on that page was made of black construction paper with white computer paper stapled inside. I made dotted “Bible” words the kids could trace. Words like “God”, “Jesus” etc. You may choose not to do this depending on the time you plan to spend with this activity.

BELIEVE: The story wheel instructions are pretty clear in the files.

REPENT: The Repentance page has a hard heart (made of wood) on the left hand side and a soft heart (made of fabric with batting sandwiched between) on the right hand side. I found the wood at a craft store and got one of the ladies to sew the hearts for me.

CONFESS: The paper dolls represent the people that you will confess Jesus to. You will have to make your own. They aren’t hard but may take a little time to figure out. After doing them I realized they should’ve been done on darker paper to contrast with the white background. They could also use a black outline with a sharpie if you have the time. Let the kids decorate their paper dolls and then glue the first one to the middle of the left hand page and the last one to the middle of the right hand page.

BAPTISM: This one is a little tricky to put together. The hard part is figuring out where the brad should go. Just play with it a little on your first one. The one being baptized is not colored. I’m not sure why I didn’t save that file but I didn’t. You can color it before you print them off.

The book I used for the pictures was an extra I had made for visitors. The paper dolls for the confess page are not colored and the person being baptized is not colored. The hand on the front page is just lightly penciled in. Excuse the poor photography, I did the photography myself. I am not a photographer.

Plan of Salvation Pop-up (pdf)


10 responses to “Plan of Salvation Pop-up Book

  1. Larinee Dennis

    The link to the PDF doesn’t seem to work. Can you email me the file?
    That would be GREAT!!!!!

  2. Hi Larinee. It should be working now. Thanks for letting me know about the broken link. If you still have trouble, let me know.

  3. Larinee Dennis

    Thanks! It works now. I so appreciate your resources.

  4. I love the book. Could you share with me how you use the hand to learn the plan of salvation. I saw it done at camp this summer, but can’t remember how some things were phrased. I have looked all over the interenet and can’t find it. I would really like to start using it in class each week. Thanks so much for any help you can give.

    • Hi Cindy,

      I need to upload the files for the VBS on Salvation. Until I get that done, I’ll send you to the blog entry I had for it on my previous blog: Salvation VBS. There is a picture of the glove I used that year. Each child had their own glove and we sang the song Steps to Salvation while pointing to the words on the glove. With younger kids, I have made gloves that were more interactive. The gloves themselves were the scrubby gloves you can find in the bath section of most discount stores. Instead of words, I used pictures that represented each step of salvation. An ear for hear, a cross for believe, a heart for repent, a smiley face that had it’s mouth open for confess, a drop of water for baptism. Each of these had the hook side of velcro on the back and the kids put the picture on their glove as we sang the song mentioned above. I hope this helps.


  5. Marla Baska Edwards


    God bless you for helping save little children! You have a great tool for Salvation here!


    Marla Baska Edwards

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