Old Testament Books

This wall took a little bit of time and help from a friend. The main idea is to teach the kids what category the Old Testament book falls under — Law, History, Poetry, Major Prophets, Minor Prophets. The baskets on the wall were handmade. Not because it was absolutely necessary to make them by hand but because I needed them right then and Wal-mart had these cool looking place mats that would make nice baskets. Feel free to use whatever basket you can find. The basket can also be placed on a shelf in the classroom if you don’t want to nail them to wall like these are. The books are scrolls made of 2 pieces of wooden dowels, a strip of newsprint that is glued to the dowels, rolled up and tied with a piece of chenille wire. The name of the book is written on a piece of paper that is attached to the wire.

This turned into a very good pre-class activity. In fact, it was so much fun that kids from other classes would come in and “help”. I placed all the scrolls on the table and the kids would put them in the appropriate basket. It’s an easy concept that looks good and is an effective teaching tool. More pictures are below:


One response to “Old Testament Books

  1. Linda Springer

    Thanks, I teach sunday school classes on shoe string budget so this is awesome

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