Books of Poetry

This interactive wall design came about because I had these nice large pieces of corrugated board lying around. They just begged to be made into large books, painted and put on the wall. But what then? With nothing else, just the books in order on the wall, they easily taught the kids the books of poetry. That would be fine but boring after awhile. I decided that there were things I wanted the kids to know were in the books of poetry but I wasn’t concerned about them actually memorizing them since we were memorizing chunks of scripture at this time (see Memory Work — Poetry). I printed several statements from each book (8 for all but Song of Solomon which just had 4), cut them in strips and put velcro on the back. The corresponding velcro pieces was put in the book. As we progressed through our study of poetry, the kids took turns deciding which statement went in which book. At first, we just did Job so it was very easy. As we worked through Psalms, we added those strips to the activity and it became more difficult. Each book we studied added more statements to remember. By the end of the quarter they were able to put most (if not all) the statements in the correct book.

If you’d like to try your hand at it, I created an online game to test your knowledge of the books of poetry: How Well Do You Know The Books Of Poetry?


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