Lesson Plan:

Prayer — I want to teach these kids the importance of prayer and what a privilege it is to pray to the creator of the world, to the God that spoke to Noah and Abraham.

Bible Reading: Genesis 1-2 — Everyone in our congregation is given the schedule of classes and a Bible reading to be read at home that will prepare them for classes.  I hope all my kids were read to this week.  If not, and even if they were, I will read it again in class this morning.  I want the kids to know where the event we’re studying came from.

Group Activity: There are several activities in our file system that have been used in times past while teaching Creation.  I’ll use one of these today.  It is a matching activity.  The kids will match pictures of things God made to the day that He made it.

Project Folder: We’ll be putting together a project folder as the quarter progresses.  The first 2 activities to be included in it were started last Sunday and will probably take a few weeks to complete.  A Q/A book (from Dinah Zike’s Big Book of Books) will used to reinforce the days of creation.  The student will draw a picture of something God created under the flap of the day He created it.  Just another way to help them memorize the  days of creation.

Memory Work: I try to get the kids to See it/Say it/Read it/Write it when it comes to memory work.  We will continue doing all of those for Genesis 9.  They began copying the first part and I hope will finish that portion today.  It’s a new activity for these kids and may be a little too much for them but we’ll see how it goes.  We will also read the entire passage (see it/say it/hear it).

Singing: I like to teach a hymn each quarter.  One that we will sing regularly is Trust and Obey.  This will relate directly to Noah and Abraham when we get to them.  We’ll start it today.  I also would like to sing This Is My Father’s World.  I have a flip chart for this one.  I’ll have to find it before next week.  There are several children’s songs we can sing: In The Beginning, God’s Wonderful Plan, Adam and Eve, God Gave Me..  These can all be found in the Children’s Songs section of the website.


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