King David Book

King David Book

We’ve been working on a pop-up book about David. Here are pictures of each page for you to see:

King David Book Cover
This is the cover. It is made out of a foam sheet. The kids glued the crown to the cover.

King David Book Shepherd

The first page is about David the shepherd. The kids glued cotton balls to outlines of sheep. They got to choose a pipe cleaner “David” to put in the pocket.

King David Book Lion
The second page is of a lion. His mouth opens and shuts. The kids glued googly eyes to the lion. This should help remind them how God took David when he killed a lion that was bothering his sheep. Instructions for the “talking mouth” lion came from Joan Irvine’s book How To Make Pop-ups.

King David Book Goliath
The 3rd page is a pop-up Goliath. He has a sword/spear that has a magnet attached. There is a magnet on the paper to help keep it in place. Instructions for making a pop-up like Goliath can be found in Joan Irvine’s How To Make Pop-Up book.

King David Book King
The last page is of David the king. His crown is a paper spring that is glued at both ends. It folds up when the book is closed. The paper spring crown can also be found in Joan Irvine’s How To Make Pop-Up book.


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