Class Time Is Too Short

We had a great class Sunday. I’m finding that we just don’t have enough time one Sunday morning. We have about 10 more minutes on Wednesday night. That’s perfect. I didn’t get to use the flannelgraph story (which my Jonathan begged for). But we did get to do something I failed to put on the lesson plan.

We have 2 trees on the wall with a “clothes line” in between. I had 4 pictures of our story of Gideon. We reviewed the story and I then passed out the pictures (to the older ones). They then got to put their picture on the “clothes line” in the order it happened.

Gideon Sequence Activity

Tonight I made a black light story for Gideon. I’ll try it out tomorrow night.

I have a total of 5 ways to tell Gideon’s story — flannel graph, flip chart, black light, sequencing, objects (tent, farmer, sheep’s skin). Then there are 3 different magnet puzzles, attendance chart, poster on wall, story about farmers, and story about sheep, and a song that all give me the opportunity to review parts of the story. That seems to be a good variety to keep them interested.


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