First Class Went Well

Yesterday was my first time teaching the preschool class in years. It was fun. We learned some new songs and actually got through most of the activities I had planned. The ones we didn’t finish we’ll save for another day.

My battery operated candle was introduced as way to help modify behavior. I had to turn the candle off 3 times. And I’m sorry to say it was my own child that was culprit all 3 times. He is just 2 1/2 and was in the class for the first time. His old class had the baby seats that he couldn’t get out of. Now, he’s sitting (or trying to sit) in regular chairs.

We won’t be having Bible class this Wednesday night. We have our monthly singing on the first Wednesday of each month. That gives me a whole week before next lesson. We’ll be discussing Gideon and the sign of the fleece.


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