Torches and Pitchers

Tonight we will discuss in more detail how Gideon used the torches and pitchers to win the battle. I made torches and pitchers. They are easy to make. The instructions for them are:

1 piece of cardstock
1 piece of construction paper (mine was cut to 12″X12″)
1/4 piece orange tissue paper

Starting at short end, roll up cardstock to about the diameter of a toilet tissue roll (in fact, a toilet tissue roll would work great. I just didn’t have enough). Tape securely.

Grab hold piece of tissue paper in the middle. Squeeze to a size to slip into the tube.

Make a pitcher out of constrution paper. I used the folding method to make a piece of paper into a cup. If you want detailed instructions, e-mail me.

Gideon's Torches without Pitchers

My lesson plan is as follows:

This Little Light Of Mine
Turn on candle. Remind them that as long as they are good the candle will stay on. If they misbehave, the candle goes out.

Pass out Gideon puzzles (handmade 4, 6 or 8 piece puzzle with picture of Gideon with his trumpet and torch)

Sing: Gideon — A Mighty Man of Valor (Click here to learn/view the song about Gideon)

Do Blacklight story of Gideon.

Talk about the torches.

Pass out torches. After they’ve got the idea, take them back up to send home.

Move to Storytime area (floor)with Bibles

Pass out Bibles — talk about what the Bible is, who it came from and how we should treat it.

Do B-I-B-L-E activity.

Tell them that God tells us about Gideon in the Bible.

Return Bibles to basket.

Tell story from flannel graph.

I’m a Hero!
A Great Big Squeak (With pic of mice)
Hop! Goes the Frog (With pic of frog)
Go To The Ant O Sluggard (With Ant pic)

Do sequencing cards about Gideon.

Review New Testament Books.

Return to table.

Prayer — Using prayer box.

If time allows discuss manners during worship.


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