Gideon Introduction

I’ve been working all week preparing to teach Gideon to ages 2-4. This age is so visual and there just isn’t a whole lot available to use.ÿ I finally found a copy of a small book about Gideon (I think it originally came from Grace Publications). The book is supposed to be used as a take home. It had rhyming text on each page. I enlarged the pictures and made a flip chart, using my own words to tell the story.

Since Gideon was a wheat farmer, I’m going to use The Beginner’s Bible cards to explain what a farmer does. There is a card for preparing the ground, planting, harvesting, making flour and baking bread.

I understand this particular class can have some behavior issues. I’m going to use a battery operated candle to start the class. We will sing This Little Light of Mind with the candle turned on. I will leave the candle on during the entire class. If behavior becomes an issue, I’ll turn the candle off and talk about how important it is to let our lights shine.

My lessons plan is as follows:

This Little Light Of Mine
Jesus Loves Me
A Great Big Squeak
Hop! Goes the Frog
Where is …?


Pass our crackers — discuss how they came from a farmer.

Read Farmer Cards as they eat crackers.

Pass out Gideon puzzles (handmade 4 or 8 piece puzzle with picture of Gideon and his wheat).

Discuss how Gideon was a farmer and how the Midianites were taking away the food he grew.

Pass out Bibles — talk about what the Bible is, who it came from and how we should treat it.

Move to Storytime area (floor).
Read Gideon Flip Chart.
Read Story of Gideon from The Beginner’s Bible story book.

I’m a Hero!
Marching Song

Talk about books of the Bible.
Using chart on wall sing NT books song.

Return to table

Do B-I-B-L-E activity.
Put Bibles away.

Road Runner
Go To The Ant Thou Sluggard

This is my plan. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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