I Am…

Listen to I Am…

I Am…

I want to know who Jesus is so would you please tell me.
Let’s look into our Bible, it’s there for us to read.
The book of John says quite a bit about who Jesus is.
Now, listen very carefully to what our Jesus says.

I am the vine that holds you up so you can bear me fruit.
I am the light of all the world that lights the way for you.
I am the door that let’s you in but keeps the bad guy out.
I am the bread of life so you will never hunger now.

I am the shepherd of my sheep and all my sheep love me.
I am the way, the truth, the life to heav’n you go through me.
Then Jesus tells us one more thing about just who He is.
I am the resurrection, conquered death so you could live.

Copyright 2008, Diana Dow Owner, All Right Reserved

Songs may be used to teach your own Bible class and/or your own children.

I Am... by Diana Dow. A song for young children.


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