Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Listen to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
Yes, these are some men you should know.
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
Three men that lived long, long ago.

Abraham, he was the first one,
God told him to get up and leave.
Abraham did what God told him,
In God he did truly believe.

Isaac was the son of Abraham,
He had when he was an old man.
Isaac the son that God promised
Was part of a wonderful plan.

Jacob came next he had twelve sons.
The plan, it begins to unfold.
Twelve sons and land that God promised
To Abraham long, long ago.

Copyright 2007, Diana Dow Owner, All Right Reserved

Songs may be used to teach your own Bible class and/or your own children.

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob by Diana Dow. A song for young children.


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