Listen to Daniel.


King Darius said,
“Bow down and worship me,
or else I’ll feed you to the lions.”

But Daniel said,
“I will not worship thee,
go on and feed me to the lions.”

And then God said,
“Since Daniel worshiped me,
I’ll shut the mouth of ev’ry lion.”

I’ll be like Daniel.
I’ll worship only God,
and God will always help me
even if they feed me to the lions.

Copyright 2006, Diana Dow Owner, All Right Reserved

Songs may be used to teach your own Bible class and/or your own children.

Daniel by Diana Dow.  A song for young children.


2 responses to “Daniel

  1. Thank you Diana, for all you posts on teaching children. They are inspiring and encouraging. Do you know of any workshops on teaching children’s classes? I live in northwest Louisiana near Shreveport and would be willing to drive a reasonable distance to attend. I was just wondering. I teach preschoolers and sometimes feel like my “ideal well” is running low… Does that make sense? Thank you and God bless, Sherr Shockley

    • I definitely understand about the “idea well” running low. Mine does too on occasion. I don’t of any scheduled workshops. If you hear of any between here and there, let me know. I’d like to attend as well.

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