God's Wonderful Plan

Listen to God’s Wonderful Plan

God’s Wonderful Plan

Before there was you, Before there was me,
Before there was even a bird in a tree.
Our God had a plan.
One day there were fish, One day there were bees,
One day there were even some birds in the trees.
All part of His plan.

Then Adam and Eve, Could eat all they saw,
Except for the fruit of one certain tree.
Still part of God’s plan.
They disobeyed God, They ate of the tree,
They sinned and now they hoped that God did not see.
But God had a plan.

The sin that they sinned, Affected all men,
No sinner can live with God in the end.
Just what was God’s plan?
He sent His own Son, to die on a tree,
He gave His own life, for you and for me.
Yes, God’s wonderful plan.

Copyright 2006, Diana Dow Owner, All Right Reserved

Songs may be used to teach your own Bible class and/or your own children.
God's Wonderful Plan a song for young children by Diana Dow.


2 responses to “God's Wonderful Plan

  1. I am having difficulty hearing the songs. Any suggestions?

    • I’m not sure why you would be having problems. I can hear them. My first suggestion is to grab the nearest 15 year old and get him/her to help you. They instinctively know how to do these things. You might also want to check out my current blog. It is the one that is being added to regularly. Bible Songs And More

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