Listen to Josiah.


Josiah was a very good king.
But there’s just one little thing.
He was just eight years old
when he became king.

Josiah was a very good king.
He said, “We’ll do ev’rything
that God wants us to do
since I am king.

Copyright 2006, Diana Dow Owner, All Right Reserved

Songs may be used to teach your own Bible class and/or your own children.

Josiah a children's song by Diana Dow


One response to “Josiah

  1. Dear Diana,

    My name is Young and I am currently a serving deacon at Watertown Evangelical Church located in Watertown, MA. Here is our church website in case you want to look up more information about us.(

    The reason why I am contacting you is because our church is hosting a VBS next month and our theme is Josiah the King. We came across this simple and lovely song that you wrote and we would absolutely love to teach this song to the little ones (with your permission of course).

    We are offering free VBS and we will not be profiting from teaching your song to the little ones in any way. In addition, we will ensure that you are given all the credit for the song that you wrote.

    If this would be okay with you, please contact me at or simply respond back to this comment!

    Thank you!


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